Co-build the package that will allow you to use Decathlon products

Equipping yourself or your children to discover or practice a sporting activity can take time, be expensive and clutter up your home.

What if you could take out a subscription to take advantage of our products, in all sports?

What is We Play Circular?

A monthly package that allows you to have all the products designed by Decathlon*, to enjoy them for as long as you want and to exchange them for others when you want,

and this for as long as you are subscribed!

We Play Circular is ONE package to allow the WHOLE family to practice or discover sports activities.

* with the exception of safety products and consumables.

The We Play Circular subscription is an offer limited to 1000 subscribers, exclusively reserved for customers of Decathlon Alleur and Decathlon Antwerpen (Belgium).

This co-creation space allows you to participate in our project: answer our questions, vote, comment on our proposals, share your opinions, submit your ideas.

It allows us to know more about your expectations regarding this type of offer!

Your contributions will guide us in our choices!

Join the community!

By Caroline