Observe and photograph wild animals, have you ever thought about it?

Each encounter with a wild animal is a unique moment that remains etched in our memories. Seeing a deer in the corner of a wood, a tit in the back of the garden or a chamois in the mountains, the pleasure remains the same, wonder is guaranteed!

What an incredible feeling to be a spectator of wildlife and to savor every moment of it! How to go about it ? what material? how to keep track of this adventure? where to go and when?

If you ask yourself all these questions, if it makes you want to, or if you already observe and/or photograph wild animals, then come and tell us about it!

Our goal is simple: Listen to you, understand you and offer you product and service concepts to help you live this adventure.

Throughout the project, we will be supported by animal photography specialists who will be able to tell you about their adventures, their anecdotes and their advice for having the chance to observe animals in their natural environment.

Thanks a lot for your help !

The Wildlife Watching Team