The outdoor sports of tomorrow

Our relationship with the outside: fauna, flora.

We, our energy.

The planet.

Our fields of expression: forest, seaside, mountain, ice cream...

Today, our practice is evolving. We set an example in our sports practices. To preserve our planet and its inhabitants.

How we will continue to evolve in our outdoor practice. Hiking in summer, winter, in the mountains or flat. On foot, on horseback, with crampons. By the sea, in the forest, at altitude

Come and take part in the evolution of Decathlon's outdoor brands. Workshops, round tables, surveys, opinions,... I will offer you several interactions, share with you the results of the progress of this phase of evolution. Preview testing of solutions. Let's go for several months of sharing, emotions and evolution, TOGETHER.

Join our enthusiastic outdoor community 🖼

Here are the interactions I am planning for this summer 🚀

🐬 First planned interaction: We find a name

🐑 Second planned interaction: Invitation to a workshop with outdoor brand teams

🦌 Third interaction: Organization of a round table on topics initiated during the workshops

🦚 Fourth interaction: Interviews with some of you on topics that we want to dig a little deeper

All the results, you will be shared to allow you to discuss about them, debate... 👋🏽

By Nathalie