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Share your expectations and let’s co-create your future sailing equipment together!

Objective of the project :

In the exceptional context we are experiencing globally, sporting activities are strongly impacted, boats remain in port, we share your frustration! To return to the water as quickly as possible and leave this crisis behind us, the Tribord design team invites you to stay at home, and offers you the opportunity to participate in the co-creation of future products.

Thanks to the questionnaires, discussions and workshops that will follow, we will be able to collect your points of view, your ideas, your feelings and your points for improvement to design products and services that perfectly correspond to your use.

The first step is to know yourself better and understand your expectations, by answering this first questionnaire. We're listening to you !

The second step will be to create together. With the collaboration of the design team, we propose, we draw, we create, we react... around as many ideas as possible

The third step will be to develop, test, modify... with the collaboration of engineers, model makers and prototypists... with the aim of finalizing the product and finding it a few months later in stores.

Passionate about innovation, we will be happy to imagine with you all the solutions to offer products that make sailing easier and more fun!

Let's go !