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Let's develop together our future carp rod which will cast very far

Are you passionate about carp fishing? Would you like to participate in the development of a project alongside the Caperlan CarpFishing team? We need you!

You have been fishing for carp for several years, quite intensively (at least 30 trips per year). Your practice is done in a closed body of water, fishing from the edge. You regularly seek long distance during your sessions. You participate, at least sometimes, in competitions or enduros. So join us!

We want to co-create with you a new rod that will meet the pleasure of casting very far. This rod will join our range in 2025. This creation project will last approximately 18 months. We will have moments of exchange, information, participation, choice and also tests. You will be free to participate in all phases or have a lighter investment. All your answers will be important.

We can't wait to get started! And you, are you ready?