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Home test - Waterproof shoe

! Attention new shoe in development at Solognac therefore visit to the field for validation: The CROSSHUNT 110 HTG is arriving in the testing phase!

But this model is made for WHO and WHAT?

It is a shoe that is comfortable , easy to put on , and developed for occasional small game hunting.

This model also finds its place in everyday life for living and working in rural areas , for walking in the forest , going mushrooms or even just going to town.

Its outer upper is 100% split leather.

Our GOAL with this test?

Obtain feedback on the use of this new shoe and validate its development on its 3 major axes: its comfort, its level of waterproofing and if major defects appear.

In summary: does it correspond to the use defined above?

If you find yourself in this use, do not hesitate to apply for our at-home validation test!