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Let's co-create THE hunting shoe!

Objective of the project :

Are you passionate about hunting, a lover of Nature and the great outdoors? Do you enjoy traveling through our magnificent regions, varied in landscape, from the plain to the forest and the mountains? To practice our sport, we must face all weather conditions, and it is therefore necessary to be well equipped. And that starts with a good pair of shoes. Difficult to find one that will be comfortable, but which holds the ankle well, light so as not to get tired after 1 day of walking but strong enough to face the brambles in our path, and which will last several seasons....

This is why we need you! To co-create together THE versatile, durable, comfortable and waterproof hunting shoe, suitable for the majority of terrains and conditions encountered while hunting.

This creative project will last approximately 18 months. We will have moments of discussion, information, participation, round tables and even tests. Rest assured, your participation can only last a few minutes if you wish or accompany us throughout the project, it's up to you! In any case, your answers and your participation are very important to help us create THE right hunting shoe. This will be an opportunity to meet us, the Solognac design team, and discuss among enthusiasts, to learn how a Decathlon product comes to life, how a shoe is made.

We can't wait to start the adventure with you! And you, are you ready??