We are recruiting freeriders to co-design a Onepiece with us

You are a practitioner and passionate about Freeride skiing, you would like to participate in the collective creation of a product. Decathlon Wedze invites you to join its design team to help it develop a Freeride ONE PIECE ski outfit.

We recruit users who already have a Onepiece, and those who don't.

First, tell us about your experience as a Freerider.

If you have a Onepiece: Tell us why, what you like, when you use it, what bothers you and what you would change on your Onepiece.

If you don't have a Onepiece: Tell us why, what you don't like, and what could make you buy a Onepiece.

In a second step we may meet, discuss with the design team and share around a workshop your ideas on this product and the tips and innovation that we could put into it. And why not participate in the final validation field test of this product Of course we will keep you informed of the evolution and progress of this project as it goes.