Make the rigidity of my snowboard boots more durable

Flex Up.

For several years now, we have been developing an accessory to insert into your snow boots, to stiffen it.

There may be several reasons for needing a Flex Up:

_ you bought a little soft snow boots to start this sport, it's true that it's good not to end up in a cast to start, but now you've gotten up to speed, and you need that your boots support you more,

_ you do freestyle, you go to parks, both on jib lines (need soft boots) and on table lines ((need stiff boots for jump landings),

_ you love your shoe, you feel so good in it, but it has aged, it is more flexible. Give it a 2nd youth by stiffening it.

For these 3 reasons, we believe that this project can be useful for snowboarders.

By Philippe