Help us improve our desert chair

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Our design team needs you to improve the 900 desert chair. We will therefore need you several times to co-build and discuss different proposals, validate the concept, test it, choose the color, ....

The objective is to finalize the development for June 2023 and the commercialization will be made from spring 2024.

We have already collected a lot of information via a survey of people who have purchased this product, but we still have one point on which we have questions.

Currently, the back and seat are padded which allows this product to be used while sitting or lying down.

Is being able to go to bed important to you?

If we eliminate the foam in the back, we will be able to offer you a lighter, more compact and more breathable seat, but you will lose this option which can be very valuable.

It's up to you to tell us your preferences: It's up to you!

By Renaud